My first Agnes top

Hoot hoot! I’m back my little owlets. I’ve been on Easter hols this last fortnight and had all the sewing plans but you know when life gets on top of you? Yeah. That happened.

I’ve applied for a job (same school but a permanent one), been on a hen weekend, done some shopping and all my marking, seen an amateur production of Jesus Christ superstar and drank a lot of tea, but I had not done any of the sewing I had planned.

Largely, I blame cutting patterns. I hate it. It takes so long. I cut out a TATB seren dress pattern this week, picked out the fabric but my fabric cutting space is seriously limited so I’ve shelved her until May (I’m going to a bring your own project class at abakhans).

I decided instead to wap out an Agnes top. I’ve had the pattern cut out for ages (not like me, I know) and found a lovely jersey in the remnant baskets in abakhans (black with dancers on it). First Agnes was a-go!

I ironed it and everything. You proud of me? You should be, it’s bloody awful fabric to work with. Because it was a rem it was cut on a funny angle and therefore trueing the grain was an absolute arse. And then cutting it straight? Don’t get me started.

As usual no complaints about Tilly’s pattern. They are so simple I read this once and could have sewn it in my sleep. I love them.

Opted to make the shorter plain sleeve version due to lack of fabric but for a while toyed with sleeveless, making it more of a vest. Ultimately went with sleeves for the practice. In some ways I was glad I did but the shoulder curves are always my foil even flat sewn like these.

For my fourth go at a neckband I don’t think it’s bad either. Pressed and topstitched and everything.

Yes there are some dismembered dancers across the neckline. But overall I’m happy. Also had a go at the elastic ruching on the front but it went wonky so I took it out. Happy with it as it is at the minute but might try adding it in again in future.

Overall, construction was very easy and the fabric is comfortable. My main issue aside from cutting has been with the tension on my bottom thread. For whatever reason it went a bit dodge but it doesn’t look that bad.

Planning on wearing it this weekend. In all my two weeks off has not been mispent as I have finally done the sewing, as my mother observed I had “been threatening to do all week”.

Applogies for the dodgey angle. Mum took it for me from the sofa.





Passion is a funny thing in that you can be passionate about lots of things simultaneously and yet when pressed, it can be difficult to commit to saying you are passionate about something.

Perhaps we are afraid of appearing vulnerable by admitting our love for something. Perhaps passions are just more personal.

This week has been a real test at work. But I have discovered something about myself. I’m stronger than I thought I was. I’m capable of bouncing back. And I’m passionate about teaching. Each day I’m finding my love for it deepening. I care so deeply about the students in my care and their education.

It sounds cheesy, and like I’m just trying to keep on the good side of my head of department but I’m not. After two years thinking I never wanted to be a part of education again, a hellish year of training that left me thinking I could never be the teacher I wanted to be, I finally realised it’s my passion.

This week have begun to think of it as my vocation. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Peace out my little owls.


Gifts galore

I’m dreadful at taking photos. This much has been evident from the get go. I made a helluva lot of gifts this year, from embroidery to crochet to jewellery to pyrography. However I didn’t dare take too many photos in case the recipients saw them before Christmas.

But here is a round up of the gifts I made this festive tide:

  • Crochet headband for mum
  • Crochet cat ear hat for brother’s girlfriend
  • Crochet beard for boyfriend’s dad
  • Crochet infinity scarf for boyfriend’s mum
  • Crochet hat and beard for auntie
  • Crochet shawl for friend
  • Crochet scarf for other auntie
  • Pyrography decorated box for friend
  • Dragon earrings and necklace for another friend
  • Embroidered fairy lights picture for mum’s birthday
  • Embroidered flying keys picture for another friend
  • A recycled metal brooch for my grandad’s girlfriend

So as you can see I was busy enough. But still decided to make a velvet midi skirt to wear on Christmas day. I’m mental, clearly. Anyway, here are a few of the gifts I did take pictures of. Enjoy and have a happy new year!

Just a little owl…

I feel like a fraud. I have not made anything on my sewing machine in nearly a year. The last thing I made was some adorable dog accessories for my aunties dogs for Christmas last year. I don’t feel I’m living up to my blog name at all.

I’m currently in my second year of teaching. It’s so much easier and less stressful. I even have a trainee taking one of my year 7 classes. I’m giving her feedback and everything. I’m like a real teacher.

I’ve taken up crochet. Finally after years of saying I want to, I’ve done it. A friend taught me the basics and off I went. I’m trying my hand at more difficult patterns all the time and several friends and family can expect handmade gifts this year.

I’m still a total fabric addict though and once I get my sewing space back I will be cracking on. Plans still in place for items of work wear.

Last year a work friend and I started a year 7 textiles club. It has gone from strength to strength and even though my friend has moved on to a new and fabulous job, I’m keeping going with the club. The kids skills are improving week on week and I’m so proud of them.

Anyway, that’s all from me. Hopefully I’ll get better at this.




Hey guys,

Not only am I rubbish at keeping on top of blogging, I have also not done the sewing I wanted to this summer. I have made a few faeries, and taken up Pyrography (wood burning is so much fun) and read a lot.

This last week has been full of plans. Tomorrow, I start my first teaching job so much of the planning has been for that. I have 2 year 7 classes, 3 year 8, 2 year 9 and a year 10 group, so I have a lot to plan for. My first fortnight of teaching is planned and ready to go. scary!

I have also started semi-bullet journal-ing. I need to get fitter and more active so have made a plan for a new morning routine, taken up yoga and a healthy eating plan. I feel so much better after yoga and the healthy eating is hard but will be worth it.

Finally, this week I have been planning sewing. I don’t have many items of work ¬†wear that I like or that have been homemade. A few months back I rescued a piece of patterned viscose fabric from the remnants bin in abakhan (the new one near me!!) and couldn’t think of what to do with it. I thought about a dress but its not quite enough. My current thinking is use the fabric to make the skirt part of a Bettine dress (lengthened to knee length) and use a plain viscose for the top part.

I also have a few of the items mentioned in my last blog post to get on with and I fancy a new Arielle (shh don’t tell my mother, I still can’t get her Arielle skirt lining to match up).

anyway, that’s it from me for now. I just needed to get a blog written really. soon I hope to be back in the swing of things.

I’ll be back

The Little (Planning) Owl



So that’s it. As I write, I have nearly completed my teacher training year. Nearly a whole academic year has passed since I last Blogged, which means it has been over an academic year since I sewed anything. I have 2 weeks of my course, then 2 weeks of NQT training at my new school (yes, I have a job for September), then its summer.

The glorious summer holidays! Oh, the things I’m going to sew!

So far, the list stands thusly:

  • fix my floral dungarees (they are a shop bought marvel, but the button popped off)
  • woodland cotton skirt
  • orange key hole blouse
  • Marigold trousers
  • cream lace t-shirt
  • Tartan sleeveless Bettine hack
  • purple Agnes top
  • cream Agnes top
  • pink Megan dress
  • Fifi pjs

the list is actually longer but I figured, y’know, be realistic (HA!)

I’m hoping to really knuckle down to this and also hopefully go on a longer sewing bender with the girls soon. we are choosing to call it a creative retreat.

OOOHHHH, also a new Abakhans has opened up very close to me. Believe me when I say I am all over this.

I should be back properly soon folks.

Your support and patience is massively appreciated





Update: September is looming… oh crikey! It’s here!

So tomorrow marks my first proper day of teacher training. I will be observing two of the first lessons of the year at one of the best performing schools in the country (in the league table top ten, ahh). I’d like to take this opportunity to apologise in advance for not blogging much in the coming months, I’ll do my best to keep sewing as I’ll need to keep sane.

Also, excitingly, I have started needle felting faeries and gnomes to sell. Needle felting is wonderfully therapeutic. I have sold one (not officially yet as I need to take a photo of it before it goes to its new home) and have an order for two more. Each one is different and has a name, so far I have made around 8 I think.

I think tomorrow may result in a faerie made in my new school colours as a stress relief.

So, I have several projects in the pipeline, none of which are coming along (nicely or otherwise). These include; the faeries and gnomes, scrap bows for on gloves (again to sell), a reading pillow (not done much home sewing), a TATB Agnes top, another key hole blouse, tracing the patterns for and making TATB Megan, Lilou and Mimi, blogging about my new Bettine dress (soon), finally finishing Mum’s Arielle skirt and my auntie’s corduroy skirt. Phew! I also have a Fifi set in the designing stage.

Hopefully, Bettine’s blog post will be up soon.

Again sorry for being a rubbish blogger.