We interrupt this broadcast for some important sewing news

Firstly, apologies. It has been almost a month since I last posted anything and yes I am ashamed, but I have been busy making xmas presents (more of that after xmas). I have two blog posts waiting to go up but I have to sort photos. However, I have two weeks off over Christmas (working in a school pays off) so I promise to catch up with my blog posts. Expect normal service to resume sometime this week.

Now, the reason for my deviation from my plan is exciting I promise. I wanted to make a dress to wear on Christmas day. Something simple and comfy and festive. I started looking for the perfect pattern and once again Tilly Walnes, of Tilly and the Buttons, came to the rescue  with Bettine, a gorgeous pattern I had been longing for an excuse to buy.

I found my lovely festive fabric (dark green with rows of red tartan stags) at Kirstie’s handmade Christmas show back in November. I was good to go. I reckon in terms of hours its taken me maybe 7, from cutting out to the final press, but I have been chipping away at it for a few weeks and I’m a slow cutter. I suspect that if I had had a whole day to make it I would have been posting this significantly earlier. However, its an incredibly simple dress to make and so far super comfy. I made the version with pockets (something I’ve never done before) and cuff tabs which are super cute.

Having already made a Tilly and the Buttons pattern (I made Arielle in November, more on her to come) I was familiar with her patterns and once again found her instructions simple to follow and with fantastic photographs to help as you go along. I finished pressing the hem about half an hour ago and I’m super pleased with the result. On Christmas day she will be styled with black tights, a candy cane striped belt and red cowboy boots (and a red reindeer jumper if I get cold), Photos to follow. I might even wear her on christmas eve too. hee hee.

So if I don’t post before then, Merry Christmas! I hope you have an excellent time and eat lots of food as I shall be (hence the beauty of the elasticated waist on Bettine). Sorry no Photos today but Pics will follow after I wear her for Christmas.

all my best festive wishes,




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