A very Crafty Christmas

HO HO HO! Merry (day after boxing day) Christmas!

Were you all good? Did santa bring you all what you were hoping for? He certainly did for me. I must have been an absolute angel. A simply mahoosive sewing themed haul this year (as you can see from my pictures). 2 sewing books (including Love at first stitch, eep!), some bags of trims, a knicker kit and tote bag from ‘Sew Over it’, Buttons, Zips, an owl brooch sewing kit, a subscription to ‘Simply Sewing’, a lovely scarf, a bobbin shaped photo holder, some sewing themed chocolates, ribbon and a cute tape measure. (Phew!) plus the lovely gifts from my one and only, a fashion template sketch book, a silver necklace with a sewing machine on it and a gorgeous fifties style sewing pattern.

I feel so incredibly lucky this year. I can’t wait to get stuck in and use all my new stuff. I have already picked out which projects I’m making from my new books and have begun outlining my sewing plan for the new year. At least one garment a month, including (excitingly) a COAT!

From ‘Love at first stitch’ I have my eye on a Lilou (in some red satin), a Mimi Blouse, and a Megan dress. From ‘GBSB’ a bowling shirt, a 1960’s style coat and a shirt for my better half. I’m really trying to challenge myself in the coming year. I want a wearable wardrobe and the ability to make garments for others too. Tomorrow I’m ordering a few new patterns (Coco from Tilly and the Buttons and the Ultimate Trousers from Sew Over it) to help add to my wardrobe. Of them all, I’m most looking forward to sewing the fifties dress over the summer and most terrified of the coat.

Of course since the success of the Christmas Bettine dress I have plans for a good many more. I’m thinking some plain ones I can wear for work.

I was a busy little owl before Christmas making presents for other people. I knocked up a cheats quilt for my cousin (by binding together some ready quilted fabric and fleece), some PJs for my dad (a little big so they need some adjustments) and some PJs for my mum (these fit really well so I’ve included a pic). I also made a belt with a bow on it for one friend and some bows to go on a pair of gloves and a hat for another.

I have plenty of plans for next years presents now too, though its very much too early. Anyway, I’m off to plan out some more blog posts.

Merry Festive!





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