Two simple skirts

I have a confession to make. I quite like a skirt with an elasticated waist. There, I said it! Usually restricted to the fashion realms of the octogenarian and abhorred by my textiles teacher, I find strange comfort in being able to take a rectangle or two of fabric and a piece of elastic, and producing a very wearable item of clothing. No fastenings. No interfaced waistband. No real measurements. Bliss.

I made two such skirts last year (yes, I know, only 2. My sewing game was weak in 2015). The first was in a beautiful, lightweight but drapey fabric which I’m still not confident on the name of. I found it in the discount buckets in abakhan’s Liverpool and fell immediately in love.

elasticated skirt 4

isn’t she beautiful? Flowers or party ring biscuits? Either way, a very exciting find.  I originally wore it to a christening but the pictures from that day don’t show the skirt well. I’m very happy with it. Its swishy and drapey and very flattering on.

elasticated skirt 3

The second was the result of another impulse buy (*slaps wrist* naughty. better impulse control needed). A gorgeous medium to heavy weight cotton from hobby craft of all places. Expensive for me at £12 a metre but super cute. I duly made my elastic casing and turned it into a skirt. Thing was, it was too heavy. The elasticated waistband I so loved was too bunchy and the fabric too thick and stuck out wrong. I wore it a few times but the waist made me feel huge. I’ve decided the time has come to make a proper waistband. I’m going to use the same method as my graduation skirt (first post remember? do keep up), and attach a plain black interfaced waistband and zip. Fortunately, Paris (as I have named her) is already hemmed, so all I should have to do is unpick and remove the elastic, press it (me, willing to iron, what a time to be alive!), cut the back piece in two, insert a zip, gather it and attach the waistband. Simples!

elasticated skirt 1

I may also take tips from Tilly and the buttons’ Clemence skirt (a self drafted skirt in ‘Love at first stitch’).

I should clarify that my affection for the elasticated waist remains strong providing I choose the right fabric. I am 82 after all (in my mind).




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