Thank you!

Just a quick post to say a few things.

Firstly, a massive thank you to all my readers and followers. It genuinely makes my day when I post a new blog and I get to see that people are reading and enjoying it. I’m still not massively au fait with wordpress yet but I love blogging and you all make it a sunnier experience.

Secondly, I might be a little quiet in the weeks to come as I have been applying for my teacher training and have some interviews coming up which will probably mean that I won’t get to do as much sewing and blogging as I’d have liked. But I want to say a huge thank you to those readers and friends who have supported me in my application and preparation for interviews and I’ll hopefully be up to speed again soon.

Its not an official hiatus, just a warning in case I seem quiet. Thanks guys.




A leap year bonus: Coco again

So on the 29th of February I decided I needed to make use of the extra day and make one more thing. Now if you know me, you’ll know that me leaving a fabric shop with just what I went in for is a rarity. When I went to buy fabric for the Merida dress I also bought some grey lightweight jersey from the remnant basket and I thought I might be able to squeeze a Coco out of it if i kept it simple, no cuffs or funnel neck, just a boat neck long sleeved top with a small pocket.

After I laid it out I realised that if I wanted the long sleeves I’d have to cut the sleeves on the crosswise grain. Fortunately it didn’t matter too much as the fabric wasn’t too stretchy.

While I love it and its really easy to wear, its massively casual so having worn it to work once I think I will put this top to bed. Literally. I’m probably gonna use it as a PJ top from now on unless I’m having a really casual day.

So that’s it. really short post on this. I’ll probably post more pretty soon as I have a growing list of stuff to make. But ttfn.



February makes: Merida and Arielle

February was almost a write off sewing wise. I had all the plans and no sew-jo. Until my brother’s girlfriend asked for my help with her costume for a fancy dress sponsored walk. She was going dressed as Merida from Disney’s Brave, which is one of my favourite Disney movies so I just couldn’t resist.

We went fabric shopping in the half term holiday and got 3m of green satin back crepe, some golden yellow ribbon and cream cotton to make the classic Merida dress.

merida 11

While I was at uni I was taught by a lovely girl from the medieval reenactment society how to create accurate medieval dresses without a pattern; so I figured I’d use the same method for this dress. It’s really very simple; an over the head tabard (much like the walk-away. What is it about me and tabards?), with flat sewn sleeves (like Coco) and shaped from the hips down with godets. We decided that as lovely as the satin side was, the crepe side was more appropriate for a Highland Princess. I adapted the sleeves to include a fake underdress and made some gathers for the neckline.

Because this dress was so simple, she had one fitting, largely to assess the neckline and length as she is shorter than me. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

merida 5

So now i had my sew-jo back but only a week left of February. There was only one thing for it. I had to speed sew my velvet Arielle. Tilly and the Buttons should flipping well sponsor my blog at this rate, she has saved my bacon that many times (as you will see in blogs to come). I had the velvet already cut out, one for me and at her insistance, one for my mum too. I also had some gorgeous faun coloured lining with black polka dots which was too adorable to leave in the shop. The issue with making two of these however became apparent when I mixed up the pieces and accidentally sewed the lining and facings for my mum’s skirt (which buttons the opposite way due to cutting out) instead of my own. Drawing positively from this, when I come to make hers, the lining and facing are already sewn so its just the skirt construction and attaching everything together for hers.┬áBut, it meant I had to cut additional pieces and generally added time onto the make.

I had never sewn a lining to a facing before so the curved edges proved tricky to navigate and I kinda messed them up meaning the rest didn’t line up so well. But I unpicked and re-sewed and it looks passable now.

The main problem I had at the end was that the bottom edges don’t line up. There is maybe half an inch in it but the front is shorter than the back on the overlap.

I’m not too bothered about this as I know where I went wrong. I wasn’t too accurate with my measurements on the bottom edge when I trimmed it and turned it up. In future I will listen to Tilly and stop being a lazy sewist, and I know this will be a TNT pattern. I mean, I’m making one for mum so it has to be whether it likes it or not. Here she is finished. I basically designed it around the buttons, which I found at the sewing and hobbycraft show way back last September. I couldn’t leave buttons with sewing machines on and they are nice neutral colours. I have already worn her out. She is super comfy and goes with practically everything.

Overall, on my second making of this skirt, I much prefer the short version to the longer denim version I made. I think that will need some adjustments for summer. But its a really nice pattern to follow if you pay attention to it and don’t get too cocky.



My first Coco!

I only managed one make in January (Must do better!) and it was yet again a Tilly and the Buttons pattern. I just can’t help myself. Her patterns are just so pretty, and so simple and so… well… me.

Coco is the first jersey item i have made for myself and I must start by saying I’m a total convert. To anyone toying with the idea of sewing with jersey – JUST DO IT! its not as scary as it seems. Stick with your trusty zig zag stitch and you’ll not go far wrong. I opted for the 3/4 cuffed sleeve, funnel neck version, aiming for a vintage sixties vibe, and I already had the perfect fabric in my stash.

coco 3

I bought this black and green floral patterned jersey back in september last year, hoping to use it for my ‘slouchy gilet’ pattern I got from ‘Love Sewing’ magazine. But, as I also boughtsome dark grey jersey to make a second gilet (don’t judge me! I couldn’t decide – it was like picking a favourite child) this month (technically 2 months ago now – I’m a terrible blogger) I turned it into a Coco instead.

Best decision! I love her. She has already been on quite a few adventures with me and we are firm friends. She is so darn reliable and comfortable. But it wasn’t all sunshine and smiles in the beginning. I began her tired which was never a going to be a good plan.

coco 6

All was well, Tilly’s instructions were once again clear and easy to follow. It was going swimmingly until the cuffs. due to sleepiness I managed to muck them up not once…

coco 7

not twice….

coco 8

but three times.

coco 9

In the words of Hermione Granger “what. an. idiot”.

I eventually managed to get her sorted out and the rest, as they say, was hemming.

So inspite of my own mistakes, Coco is a very satisfying make. She is comfy, only took a few hours to make, including unpicking and pattern puzzling, and most importantly she is tres chic with with a pair of black trousers or even jeans. Its like a triple word score of a pattern for those scrabble lovers among you. I already have plans for another so I’ll let you know how that goes.