My first Coco!

I only managed one make in January (Must do better!) and it was yet again a Tilly and the Buttons pattern. I just can’t help myself. Her patterns are just so pretty, and so simple and so… well… me.

Coco is the first jersey item i have made for myself and I must start by saying I’m a total convert. To anyone toying with the idea of sewing with jersey – JUST DO IT! its not as scary as it seems. Stick with your trusty zig zag stitch and you’ll not go far wrong. I opted for the 3/4 cuffed sleeve, funnel neck version, aiming for a vintage sixties vibe, and I already had the perfect fabric in my stash.

coco 3

I bought this black and green floral patterned jersey back in september last year, hoping to use it for my ‘slouchy gilet’ pattern I got from ‘Love Sewing’ magazine. But, as I also boughtsome dark grey jersey to make a second gilet (don’t judge me! I couldn’t decide – it was like picking a favourite child) this month (technically 2 months ago now – I’m a terrible blogger) I turned it into a Coco instead.

Best decision! I love her. She has already been on quite a few adventures with me and we are firm friends. She is so darn reliable and comfortable. But it wasn’t all sunshine and smiles in the beginning. I began her tired which was never a going to be a good plan.

coco 6

All was well, Tilly’s instructions were once again clear and easy to follow. It was going swimmingly until the cuffs. due to sleepiness I managed to muck them up not once…

coco 7

not twice….

coco 8

but three times.

coco 9

In the words of Hermione Granger “what. an. idiot”.

I eventually managed to get her sorted out and the rest, as they say, was hemming.

So inspite of my own mistakes, Coco is a very satisfying make. She is comfy, only took a few hours to make, including unpicking and pattern puzzling, and most importantly she is tres chic with with a pair of black trousers or even jeans. Its like a triple word score of a pattern for those scrabble lovers among you. I already have plans for another so I’ll let you know how that goes.




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