A leap year bonus: Coco again

So on the 29th of February I decided I needed to make use of the extra day and make one more thing. Now if you know me, you’ll know that me leaving a fabric shop with just what I went in for is a rarity. When I went to buy fabric for the Merida dress I also bought some grey lightweight jersey from the remnant basket and I thought I might be able to squeeze a Coco out of it if i kept it simple, no cuffs or funnel neck, just a boat neck long sleeved top with a small pocket.

After I laid it out I realised that if I wanted the long sleeves I’d have to cut the sleeves on the crosswise grain. Fortunately it didn’t matter too much as the fabric wasn’t too stretchy.

While I love it and its really easy to wear, its massively casual so having worn it to work once I think I will put this top to bed. Literally. I’m probably gonna use it as a PJ top from now on unless I’m having a really casual day.

So that’s it. really short post on this. I’ll probably post more pretty soon as I have a growing list of stuff to make. But ttfn.




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