A Jersey Bettine

I’m back guys! New laptop! New Blog post!

So, a lot of people had been raving about the beauty of making a Bettine dress from Tilly and the buttons from jersey, and I was super curious.

The fuss was perfectly justifiable.I love her.I got the fabric from Abakhans Mostyn. It’s a lovely black cotton jersey with flowers on it; super soft, super lightweight, super comfy.

I opted to make the version with pockets as I don’t see the point of a dress without them. This was against Tilly’s advice but it worked out quite well. I made a neckband for the first time (replacing the facing) which could have been neater but I don’t think it’s at all bad for a first go.

The one piece of sewing advice I never follow is “pre-wash your fabric before you cut and sew”. This is the first time ignoring this advice has ever come back to bite me. I had lengthened the skirt by about 3 inches which placed the hem just on my knee (my perfect length). I wore it once then put it in the wash. when I went to wear it a few days ago, however, I noticed that the hem had risen by about 3-4 inches. It is now VERY short. I might try ironing it to stretch it but its not looking good.

Apart from that she is definitely a keeper. I’m seeing tights and boots come winter…

I also found these cute retro style buttons. What do you think?

bettine 8

so that’s it for now folks. I should be getting up to date very soon. And you can meet a very exciting addition to the sewing family who you’ve already had a sneak preview of in this post….




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