Dinosaur PJs

Anyone who knows me at all knows that I really love the movie Jurassic Park and dinosaurs in general. A while ago I saw an item of clothing that I knew I needed in my wardrobe, desperately. Dinosaur print PJs.

As you saw in one of my previous posts I traced off the Margot pyjamas from Tilly Walnes’ book ‘Love at first stitch’, so I already had the pattern handy. Then a few weeks ago I was rummaging in a charity shop (this particular shop is in Urmston and has the uncanny knack of always having exactly what you are looking for) and I hit the upcycling jackpot. I found a bedsheet set (single duvet cover and pillowcase). white cotton, printed with green dinosaurs. £2.99. A steal. It became mine.

Side note, I really enjoy making things from pre-existing items like bed linen. It’s incredibly satisfying to give something a new lease of life as a garment. I like to think of it as liberating the fabric, allowing it to find its potential. But then, I am a tad pretentious.

Then last week I had a big cut of fabric and cut out the dinosaur fabric using the Margot pattern. I decided to shorten them to just below the knee, and make a matching button up shirt from the GBSB book (bowling shirt) to make a nice lightweight summer pj set. But to begin with, Margot.

Construction was basic. Sew the front and back of each leg together then turn one the right way round and put it inside the other leg to sew the crotch. Then I made a small hem to the top, so that my casing line for my elastic wasn’t a raw edge. I inserted some 3cm wide elastic and closed the casing gap.

dino pjs 1


I had waited until this stage to shorten them so I was sure I had the fit right. I cut the bottoms off with pinking shears and turned the hem up about 2cm. And somehow I still managed to cut one side shorter than the other. ah well.



I also sewed in a little tag of green satin (left over from the Merida dress) at the back to remind me which way round they go.

dino pjs 2


Overall, I’m really pleased with them; they are comfy and cool, were quick to make (took me about 2 hours) and most importantly, they have dinosaurs on them. I can’t wait to trace the Bowling shirt pattern to make it a matching set.As they were so quick to whip up, my other half may get a pair of these pants for xmas though. Watch out Jack.

dino pjs 4




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