Update: September is looming… oh crikey! It’s here!

So tomorrow marks my first proper day of teacher training. I will be observing two of the first lessons of the year at one of the best performing schools in the country (in the league table top ten, ahh). I’d like to take this opportunity to apologise in advance for not blogging much in the coming months, I’ll do my best to keep sewing as I’ll need to keep sane.

Also, excitingly, I have started needle felting faeries and gnomes to sell. Needle felting is wonderfully therapeutic. I have sold one (not officially yet as I need to take a photo of it before it goes to its new home) and have an order for two more. Each one is different and has a name, so far I have made around 8 I think.

I think tomorrow may result in a faerie made in my new school colours as a stress relief.

So, I have several projects in the pipeline, none of which are coming along (nicely or otherwise). These include; the faeries and gnomes, scrap bows for on gloves (again to sell), a reading pillow (not done much home sewing), a TATB Agnes top, another key hole blouse, tracing the patterns for and making TATB Megan, Lilou and Mimi, blogging about my new Bettine dress (soon), finally finishing Mum’s Arielle skirt and my auntie’s corduroy skirt. Phew! I also have a Fifi set in the designing stage.

Hopefully, Bettine’s blog post will be up soon.

Again sorry for being a rubbish blogger.