So that’s it. As I write, I have nearly completed my teacher training year. Nearly a whole academic year has passed since I last Blogged, which means it has been over an academic year since I sewed anything. I have 2 weeks of my course, then 2 weeks of NQT training at my new school (yes, I have a job for September), then its summer.

The glorious summer holidays! Oh, the things I’m going to sew!

So far, the list stands thusly:

  • fix my floral dungarees (they are a shop bought marvel, but the button popped off)
  • woodland cotton skirt
  • orange key hole blouse
  • Marigold trousers
  • cream lace t-shirt
  • Tartan sleeveless Bettine hack
  • purple Agnes top
  • cream Agnes top
  • pink Megan dress
  • Fifi pjs

the list is actually longer but I figured, y’know, be realistic (HA!)

I’m hoping to really knuckle down to this and also hopefully go on a longer sewing bender with the girls soon. we are choosing to call it a creative retreat.

OOOHHHH, also a new Abakhans has opened up very close to me. Believe me when I say I am all over this.

I should be back properly soon folks.

Your support and patience is massively appreciated